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Race The Dead 2013

Contributed on 10 Jun 2013 12:05 AM
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Sentosa, Tanjong Beach
Admission Charges:
$65.90 - Early Bird
$79.90 - Normal Price
All early birds discount will end by 7 July 2013.
Registration closes 22 September 2013.
26 Oct 2013 (Sat) - 27 Oct 2013 (Sun)

This Halloween, brace yourself for a 5K dash that will set your heart-racing faster than you can run. Standing in your way, every corner and every turn, will be hordes of zombies waiting to grab a hold of your beautiful faces to tear them open and consume what's beneath. The apocalypse is closer than you think, and if you think all you've got to be is fast, you've got another thing coming.

In the midst of Singapore’s running fever, fans can now take part in a completely different sports challenge. Promising to thrill both athletes and zombie fans, Race the Dead 2013 is Singapore’s first Zombie Obstacle Race!

With more than 100 zombies haunting a challenging obstacle route, the run is sure to add an extra adrenaline rush to your race fix.

Taking place on the weekend before Halloween, on 26th & 27th October 2013 at Sentosa,
runners will get to experience a Zombie Apocalypse scenario. They will begin the race after being briefed by “military personnel” on their route of evacuation towards their last safe haven - The Fort.

Tagged with 2 red flags simulating their “lives”, runners will be dispatched in waves. The objective is to reach the finish line with at least one flag left to qualify for a place in the infection-free zone.

A "Decontamination Area" will also be situated along the half-way mark of the race to allow runners with only 1 flag left to replenish a health flag in the green zone. Of course, there will be a time extension penalty!

Upon reaching the finish line, runners will be quarantined by military personnel to
determine if they are truly “infection free”.
Top 3 runners will be awarded cash and prizes. The rest, with at least 1 red flag left at the end, will also be given a Survivor Tee-Shirt to certify that they have survived!

Post-race activities such as live performances by the coolest local bands and DJs, as well as zombie make-up/activity booths will also ensure the brave survivors are thoroughly entertained.

A Social Cause: Partnering with Social Enterprise Soule

Aside from Halloween thrills, the event also promises a social cause. Collaborating with Soule, Race The Dead 2013 aims to raise sufficient funds to purchase shoes for one whole school of children (a total of 500 pairs of shoes).

Soule is a footwear social enterprise that gives one pair of shoes to a less fortunate child for each pair of shoes bought. For more background information, visit: www.soule.com.sg

How will this work?
Notice the percentage counter for our race participation on the right corner on the website? This year’s RTD '13 is only opening slots for 5000 race participants. Which means for every 1% of participation increase, we will be giving away 5 shoes to these children. Run for a Soule today!

For more details on the race, the route and prices, visit www.racethedead.sg

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