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Farm tours at Kranji Countryside

Contributed by: Shirley on 15 Sep 2012 5:23 PM
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Tired of tall buildings, jam-packed crowds and wish to spend a day of tranquility with your partner? Well, you don't have to look anywhere out of the country.

Have a taste of farm living here at Kranji Countryside, a lesser known side of Singapore with a variety of farm and dairies such as Bollywood Veggies, Hay Dairies, Fire Flies Health Farm, Hausmann Aquarium Fish Farm and the Jurong Frog Farm for exploration.

Hop on the Kranji Express Bus to get around the farms. You may choose to follow the Heritage Trail route or simply stop at any dropoff point to your favourite farm. To complete your farm living experience, try farm staying at D'Kranji Farm Resort for a day or two.

Go get some fresh air and some fresh farm produce while you're at it!

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