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Grow some plants together

Contributed by: Shirley on 20 Aug 2012 5:27 PM
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Plants are known to have therapeutic effects on people and taking care of plants is a rewarding hobby. Place a little touch of heaven in your home by having some plants and maintaining them with your partner.

How wonderful it is to spend time together around your own plants? One of the most exciting gardening activities you can do with your partner is buying new plants to add to your collection.

A relationship is like a garden, too. It must be tended and nurtured like delicate plantings in order to survive and thrive. It needs to be watered and fed regularly, as well as weeded and protected from destructive weather. Consistent care and attention must be showered upon it, in order to keep the magic of love alive and growing throughout all the seasons.

If you need some ideas on what plants to grow, start from the easiest - cactus or marimo balls.

Some tips for growing Happy Cacti

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